Centrul de Studii Biblice UBB
organizează o conferinţa internaţională:

Mapping the Theology and Religious Studies Curriculum:
Religion and Human Rights

în perioada: 6-7 DECEMBRIE 2018.

6 Decembrie: UBB, Aula Magna, str. Kogălniceanu 1 de la ora 9.00

7 Decembrie: UBB, Facultatea de Teologie Ortodoxă, str. Nicolae Ivan f.n. de la ora 9.00


Ganoczy, Alexandre (Paris): Propos théologico-politiques sur Israël

Balogh Csaba (Cluj): Theological exclusivism and universalism in the Old Testament

Meiser, Martin (Saarbrücken): Fundamentalistic Readings and the Reception History of the Bible

Tsalampouni, Ekaterini (Thessaloniki): Is there a Text in the Class(room)? The Hermeneutical Challenge of Using the Bible as Teaching Material Against Violence and Domination


Hans Klein (Sibiu): Die Sündenvergebung - ein Zeichen der Menschenwürde

Christos Karakolis (Athens): The Ecumenical Character of Teaching New Testament with Reference to Ethnocentrism in the Greek-Orthodox Church Context

Dragutinovic, Predrag (Belgrade): Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism in Teaching New Testament: Test Case Matt 23

Morariu, Maxim (Cluj): Nichifor Crainic's Anti-Semitic Views as Reflected in the "Gândirea" Journal


Turcescu, Lucian (Montreal): Teaching Undergraduate Students about Religion, Democracy, and Human Rights

Gyöngyösi, Csilla (Cluj): Religious Studies as Methodology

Magda Illyés (Cluj): Learning Theology - Catalyst of Religious Maturity or Highway to Atheism?

Korinna Zamfir: The Angel is also in the Details. Mapping the Significance of Feminist / Gender Perspectives for Theology